What I Learned My First Day of Vagabonding

1 Jul

So I just moved out of my house in North Carolina with my girlfriend and headed out to LA for a traveling adventure. First stop was Vidcon, a YouTube event in Anaheim, California. I haven’t missed a Vidcon yet so this was my 5th year going. I had a great time meeting lots of viewers, making new friends and seeing old friends. YouTube events always inspire me to get motivated again to start really pushing myself to do more and better videos.

But now thats its over….the adventure starts. My girlfriend and I are Vagabonding in LA from June 29 until around mid August when we go to another event in Seattle, Washington called Vloggerfair. There’s really no telling where we will go after that. Vagabonding, for those that don’t know, is basically long term traveling so that you can experience the world on your own terms. We have no real plans as to where we will go, stay or do on this adventure but I’m excited to see what it brings.

Our first stop after Vidcon was the Hollywood Inn Express on Hollywood Blvd where we split a room with a couple of guys we met at the event who do slow motion video. You can check it out here – http://youtube.com/beyondslowmotion. Other than the beds feeling like I was sleeping on concrete, it wasn’t that bad. I decided to take some pictures…






IMG_2402 IMG_2401



I’ve learned two things after one day of Vagabonding: People are nicer than you think and everyone wants to travel after hearing what we are doing, but they think it’s impossible for them. Nothing is out of your reach. If you want something, stick your hand out and GRAB IT!

…..Oh, I also got this funny pic while in the pool today.


I’m sure there are spelling and grammatical errors butt its 6am so I’m gonna end this here. I’ll make another post soon to keep you guys updated or share some pics. Thanks for reading! 😀


-Ty Moss

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  1. hey is this new? never seen it before, only got the link cause gray retweeted it. sounds like your having fun, stay safe and look forward to watching your journey makes me homesick for cali.

  2. Hey Ty I am glad you are writing. Blogging can be so awesome. I am happy you are enjoying Vagabonding. I know it will teach you a lot. I hope you will continue to share what you have learned through writing. I definitely would love to read from your perspective.

  3. Brilliant article! Ty, please post more of this adventure, I’m glad you like this, and thanks, for one day, I’ll be doing the same like you. 😀

  4. OMG I cant belive that you are get out of your house in NC .I watcing you for like 2 years and i feel you like my brother and i start to cry when i remember that you will never live in your old house and one vlog when you start to cry i think its called VAGABONDERS something like that im also cried all night maybe this sound like im “girl” but me too have emotions.Be carefull man.
    P.S: Sorry for my bad english maybe you know what i want to say.

  5. Aah lucky you Tys you are going to Vlogafair that’s where you will meet chris Prillo and lots of youtubers.Enjoy your adventure while your still young and free,as I did the same when I was your age but their was no iPhones or should I say smartphones in the 80s. I bet you miss Mac your dog.Enjoy best regards KenLeo

  6. I watch the vlogs everyday and I love them! I can’t remember when I started watching them, but once I started I couldn’t stop. I like that you have a blog now because its like a vlog just without video. You can post here whenever you can’t post a vlog, for whatever reason, and let everyone know what’s going on.
    Keep making the vlogs!
    P.S.- You make vlogs, now you have a blog. What’s next?

  7. This is awesome!!! Excited to follow your life on here in written form in addition to continuing to follow your life on YouTube!!! Just another avenue to show your thoughts and experiences with the world, at least those who are willing to listen/watch!

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