My thoughts before I turn 22

13 Jul

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So I’m turning 22 years old on July 14th. It’s a little scary. Getting old is scary. The older you get the faster time seems to go. Enjoy being young kids! For a while I felt like I had no idea what I was doing with my life but I’ve come to realize I shouldn’t know what I want at this point. Thankfully I have a great thing going with my YouTube channels and everything else but I still feel like I could be doing so much more. I do know one thing, I love vlogging. Knowing that I have the best parts of my life documented on video that I or anyone else can look back on at anytime is mind blowing to me. Never in history has someones life been recorded only a daily basis like daily vloggers are doing. People 500 years from now could be looking back on our life to see what it was like for people living in this time period. I don’t mean to make what I do sound awesome, I’m just a normal guy talking to a camera. Thats just something I think about.

One thing I want to work on is not being shy and anti-social. The more people I meet, friends I make and interviews I do, the better and more comfortable I’ve gotten with it. Traveling has already helped me so much to be more social because I’ve had no choice but to interact with other people. This trip has also allowed me to clear my head and kinda figure out a lot of things I’ve been thinking about and how I need to apply them. I have so many ideas and awesome things I’d like to do.

I know this blog post was everywhere but I just wanted to share some stuff on my mind the last few days of being 21 years old. I’ll miss the good ole days! lol The picture at the top left of this post is me as a baby and the one to the right is me on my sisters graduation 21 years of age. Look how much I’ve changed! haha

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  1. Ty, I have been watching your videos for years now and have to say you have actually had an influence in what I do for a living now. I am 2 years older than you, live in the San Fernando valley and hope to meet you in person to thank you for the things you have inspired me to do. I hope you have an amazing birthday and get to meet you before you leave CA.

  2. I watch your videos from time to time and I enjoy them. It was interesting to read that you were a little antisocial. I think of myself to be like that somehow. I don’t see it as a completely negative thing. I have so many regrets from the days that I used to be very social and open but I acknowledge the benefits of interacting with people, especially like-minded people.

  3. Hey Ty! How you doing?
    I’m your fan, love watching your blog every day, I’m also a skater and techy!
    You should come to Brazil some day, you would love it, people here are amazing!
    Hope you have luck in your life!
    As some people say: Do what you love to do in life, so then you are gonna be happy!
    Hugs from Brazil!

  4. Hey Ty Moss! I Know you are in California and i heard you may be coming up to San Francisco at the end of July/ beginning of august! I know you are from the east coast i have been watching you for a while and you like chick fil a. Well you are in luck, we have a chick fil a opening up July 31st. I am a new employee! If you check out the chick fil a novato website you can find out details about the First 100 ( camp out to get 52 free meals for a year) more info on the website. I hope you can make it. Theres also other promotions and stuff. Thought of you. Have a good one!

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