8 Jul

If you read this post right when I first post it, I actually just quit drinking soda at the time of writing this post. This blog post is basically a way of me saying I’m done drinking soda publicly in hopes that it will make me more motivated to do it. I really don’t want to let you guys down. Thats how I’m going to do it, with motivation to do what I told you guys I would. NOW, there is a few exceptions…I can still have tea and coffee but I will cut back on how often I drink them. If a new Mountain Dew or awesome soda comes out I also get to drink a 20oz bottle/or can of it. haha

I LOVE SODA. I feel better when I have a soda. But, its bad for my health. I don’t want to feel the need to drink soda to feel energized. Its a serious craving that I have on a daily basis. As of 3:05am July 8th, 2014 I quit drinking soda.


  1. So, how did yo quit drinking soda exactly? I believe the most should be “How I plan to stop drinking soda”. Nevertheless I am excited to see how your plan goes. Keep is updated. For me it’s really hard to not drink soda, since it’s free at work. Hopefully something like this helps me stop too.

      • It is not as simple as saying I will stop drinking. I’ve tried, I substitute the soda for water, but sometimes that Mt. Dew it’s just too good, specially the Code Red. I will be going to the Army soon, and that will help a lot. Keep up the good work Ty.

      • i also recently quit soda, i noticed i had to drink 1-2 cans a day. its been hard but im powering through. ive switched to fruit juice such as cranberry and orange juice if i really need something sweet. I’ve been going two months! I feel more healthy

  2. Hi Ty. Any tips on quitting because like you I crave it daily and I need to quit for Heath reasons like you, if you could reply with any tips it would be much appriciated.

  3. Good for you man. It’s like anything else that causes “addiction/want”, if you mentally want to quit or cut back, you can do it! Good luck and stay strong.

  4. The title is misleading because you haven’t quit drinking soda yet. You wrote less than 2 paragraphs on how you plan to quit drinking soda. Whether or not it works is a different story.

      • No, Steven is correct. You should retitle this “My Vow to Quit Drinking Soda” or something along those lines. Using “how” as the first word in the title would exemplify that you have gone a long time without drinking soda, and you would be sharing your tips and whatnot. This is simply a blog post that does not show how you stopped drinking soda at all.

  5. I’m 23 and more people our age are not drinking soda. I myself haven’t drank soda in like 10 years. just water daily. Milk with cereal. Alcohol with my friends and family. Hookah too but thats not drinking 🙂

  6. Omg that’s great Ty!! I’ve been drinking soda since the age 10, and now I’m 15. If I stopped drink Mountain Derr (which happens to be my favorite soda/drink) I will go crazy, (not really literally) I’m just like you if I don’t have mountain Derr/ just a soda in general, I crave more and more.. But I don’t get headaches like you do.. But I just feel like I need a soda.. And as you say it feels like your getting your fix, as you said in one of you vlogs like two months ago.. That’s the exact same with me.

  7. Great decision man, soda and sugar aren’t necessarily good for you not to mention the rate of having them. I know it’s an addiction but it is a simple one, so, don’t worry it’s not going to be hard, and to make things more easier you should find an alternative to soda, like whenever you have an urge to have a soda go and get yourself a fresh juice instead.

  8. i gave up soda for a while till you got me hooked on Sun Drop lol. but i feel a lot better once its out of my system. after the first month or so you wont miss it much just gotta stay strong. I tend to drink water with the flavor packages.

  9. Hey Ty, I’m a big fan. I stopped drinking soda about a year ago, but this summer a new kind of moutian derr came out called Baja blast, before this summer it was only available at Taco Bell but this summer it’s available in 20oz bottles and 12 pack cans, I’ve been wondering if you have heard of it or ever tasted it. I wanted to send you one if you haven’t had it yet. But you just recently moved so if you want one I will send you one. Thanks you are a big inspiration to me and my friend Robbie. Thanks and hope you have fun in la!!

  10. Good Luck Ty and anyone else that does it. It can be a lot healthier for you, I am a obese man, and 4 years ago I was drinking at least a 2 liter of soda A DAY sometimes two 2 liters, Well I still have not stopped drinking soda all together but I only have a glass of soda if I go out to eat. I drink at least a gallon of water a day. The problem I had with that is that I don’t like plain water, so I use Walmart’s great valve brand of Crystal Light flavored packets and make a gallon pitcher at a time. The first year when i did that I lost almost 100 pounds, I did not change my eating habits or exercise any different, i just cut out my soda drinking by 95%. People are shocked when I tell them how much weight I lost from JUST cutting down the soda I drink. Again good luck, as long as you have the mind to do it, You can do it.

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