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66-tymossTy Moss is a Tech Guru, Vlogger and Skateboarder that makes YouTube videos. He posted his first YouTube video ever on March 27th, 2007 and has gained over 138 million combined views on the 2,000+ videos he has posted to YouTube. His tech YouTube channel called “TysiHelp” formerly known as “TysiPhoneHelp” has over 440,000 subscribers. Ty has also gained over 187,000 subscribers to his daily vlog channel where he posts videos of his life Monday-Friday.

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  1. you are gonna go far Tyler and so as Grey and Mac you guys make me laugh all the time your funny as hell and you can really express your emotions to all of your subscribers being happy, sad, enjoyable, to just plain CRAZY!!!! anyways just thank you for doing what you do man you are one in a million. Stephen (a subscriber)

  2. Hey Ty,
    I really admire you for going out and grabbing life by the horns.. Kinda proud of you actually! You have come a long way in the last 10 years or so since we first started going skating and you used to wanna play with my iphone..
    Stay safe Vagabonding. I’m usually down for anything that starts with Vaga! Ha!
    Keep blogging its nice to keep up with your adventures without me having to watch ten 20 min videos.. Ain’t nobody got time for that! We’ll actually it looks like some people do based on your subscribers. Just saying a boss like me doesn’t…. Holla at me when you get back to town.. Beezy wants to go skate! I can always break out the old man steezy style 😉

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